Sunday, September 16, 2007

4 at 13 months

How can you say you love a hospital even though you have spent almost 3 hours waiting for a 20 minutes procedure? Well, I'm going to say it anyway. I just love Glendale Adventist Hospital. We were fortunate enough to visit the emergency room once again. It has been a little over a year since we had checked in with the receptionists and triage nurse. I guess we were due back.

William was playing with Lainy Ann's car seat which had been brought inside for a thorough cleaning. The car seat, which is as heavy as him and about 2 inches taller than him, is back heavy and knocked him over. He hit the corner of a shelf on the way down. I knew right away it would require stitches. Caskey wasn't willing to commit until we cleaned the wound. But I grabbed 2 bottles, a camera, and shoes and we were out the door.

The hospital was great. The triaged us right away and then sent us to the small waiting room filled with kids toys. William was quite the little charmer; the receptionists, the nurse, patients, and orderlies who changed his bandage. I would chastise him for smiling and laughing when he was supposed to be in pain. The doctors weren't going to think that his situation was dire if he kept flirting with everyone.

We got our bed around 8:30 pm, about 90 minutes after our arrival. The Physicians Assistant was great. We swaddled William so he couldn't move too much during the procedure. Of course he screamed during the administering of anesthesia. He was in so much pain. It just hurt my heart to hold him down. And then while the PA put in the stitches he thrashed about and screamed. True to his nature - wanting to be in control and not held down.

What I find amazing is that he has been trying to keep up with his siblings since day one. Connor got his first set of stitches (3) at 17 months old. I guess deep down William knew he could out do him with 4 stitches at 13 months old. I just hope he doesn't feel the need to have a second set of stitches before he turns 2, just like Connor did.

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