Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Anger Issues or Just adjusting?

I'm my fault. But then again, its always my fault, I'm the Mother and its my responsibility. But its also my responsibility to fix it.

Lainy Ann has been particularly rebellious the last few weeks. In the beginning I blamed the vacations, then the confusion to her routine, the different bed, the fun activities and then her restlessness to have school start. But now that things are normalized I am realizing that she is angry from the moment her feet touch the floor until she is put to bed screaming and sometimes kicking, literally.

Maybe she isn't sleeping enough, maybe she isn't eating enough, maybe she is bored, overstimulated, Kindergarten is too much, she doesn't have enough outlets for her energy. I just don't know! *sigh*

But I think I have it figured out. Or at least I hope I do. I think its a bunch of things; a big change in her life - going to Kindergarten is beginning, she is getting less attention from me, she is figuring out the new boundaries in her life, and she is learning new 'games' from her friends - including a whole new attitude.

So we are going to have some mommy/daughter time this weekend starting with breakfast at IHOP and then a trip to Build-a-Bear workshop where I will put a love note to my daughter inside. I am hoping she can take her stuffed animal to school and hug it tight and remember that we are proud of her and her accomplishments.

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