Thursday, August 30, 2007

John & Kate + 8

Can I love and hate a show all at the same time? Well, I do. I watch this show and how the husband and wife interact and over and over think to myself, "that's me and my husband". Their six year old Maddie has so many of the characteristics of my Lainy Ann. I just watch the show and think, "wow, I'm not crazy. Other mothers are that meticulous and structured.

But then I tear up and think, "we would have been okay with 4 children under four years old. We could have handled it - they do" and it makes me sad.

So I watch the show when my husband isn't around and the baby won't ask me why I am crying. Why do I torture myself so much?

Queen Bees

I didn't like high school, at all. Sure, I had a few friends. I had a few 'first loves'. I enjoyed the dances and had some memorable times. But I remember high school with a pit in my stomach. I was not part of the 'in crowd'. I was always much too opinionated and interested in justice to be 'cool'. Sure there were other people much further down on the totem pole. I prefer to think of my high school career as easily forgettable by others.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Fall is Hot

I can see all the traditional signs of fall; backpacks and lunchboxes for sale at Target, long sleeve shirts and pants at the mall, aisles and aisles of paper, pencils, markers and gadgety school supplies for sale, talk of Halloween and the 'holidays'. At home we are making our own fall preparations; Connor's birthday is in a few weeks, we have put away all the new school clothes, the kids have new shoes, and Lainy Ann will be starting Kindergarten.

Anger Issues or Just adjusting?

I'm my fault. But then again, its always my fault, I'm the Mother and its my responsibility. But its also my responsibility to fix it.

Lainy Ann has been particularly rebellious the last few weeks. In the beginning I blamed the vacations, then the confusion to her routine, the different bed, the fun activities and then her restlessness to have school start. But now that things are normalized I am realizing that she is angry from the moment her feet touch the floor until she is put to bed screaming and sometimes kicking, literally.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Flying, Not So Bad

I think we all have been a bit apprehensive of flying since September 11th. Although most people are more concerned about terrorists on planes. My big concern is the TSA and Homeland Security. The new laws and regulations cause me to lose sleep over the half empty 8 oz container of Creamy Desitin I have packed and whether or not it will raise "a red flag" and constitute a full body search. I don't worry about being labeled a terrorist. Its laughable quite frankly. Any bit of digging will find that I simply don't have the time to brush my hair much less launch an attack on America. But I don't want the hassle of being detained and investigated so that we miss our flight and our non-refundable tickets. I don't want to hear the words 'no fly list'. And I don't want to know what's behind those ominous windowless windows.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


He took the occasional unassisted step before he was one. But since I usually bribed him with a chocolate chip I figured it didn't count. But on Friday evening my mother-in-law says to us, "William has taken 4 steps for you too, right?" YAY!!!! Our answer was no, that she was indeed the first one to see purposeful steps. But I was so pleased that at 12 months and one week my baby was attempting to walk.

Ever since then he has been acting like a toddler instead of a baby. He purposefully walks, stops to gain his balance, and then walks again. He hasn't accomplished more than 8 steps, but he is now walking from table to chair instead of crawling. And each time he accomplishes this feat he "aaaahhhhs" at me so I can see it too and congratulate him properly.

He will go to a toy and then take it to another part of the house to put it into a bag or cup. He fills up cups while in the bath. He knocks on the bedroom doors to play with his siblings. And his food preferences are very obvious with him tossing food he doesn't want onto the floor and when he wants more of another food he points and "aaaahhhhs".

I can't believe how quickly he is growing up. Now if I can just get him to sleep through the night. *yawn*

My Animal Family

In the last few days the baby has morphed into an octopus. I know he was born with only two arms. And when I put his clothes on there are only two arms. But when he wants something its like wrestling an octopus. I swear he is stronger than me and has more arms than me. While I wash his hands he frantically grabs at anything he can get his hands on; dirty dishes, soap dispenser, water faucet, eye glasses. The soapy hands don't even seem to slow him down.

When he is cruising around the house I spend most of my time just moving things from one side of the room to the other. His current favorites are my computer, remote, cell phone, and headset. Just as I move them to one semi-safe spot he scoots in behind the chair, sometimes gets stuck, and then makes a mad grab. I have to drop everything to run and rescue our delicate belongings. When I put them on the desk he pulls out the bottom drawer and climbs in to reach the things on top! What a stinker!

I guess its time to learn the word 'no'.

We chose Connor's Halloween Costume yesterday. My normally angelic well behaved shopper was literally climbing displays after he tried on his new costume. He is going to be a shark. As soon as the last zipper was zipped he was racing around the store, "chomp, chomp, chomp, chomp." He was attacking his sister and brother, just as a shark would. I struggled to get the costume off of him, but he just continued terrorizing his siblings, "CHOMP".

I finally found him on top of a shoe display. I suppose he was up there to get a higher vantage point of 'the sea'.