Friday, July 20, 2007

Leaving for Las Vegas

We are leaving for Las Vegas in a few hours and the whole family is spending a rare moment together without a real agenda - only mommy has a list of things to do.

Each person is showing their love for one another in their own ways. Daddy keeps stinking mommy's finger up his nose (gross) and otherwise terrorizing her. Connor is playing hitting/tickling games. And Lainy Ann is giving daddy a to-do list complete with instructions on how to do it while she is gone. "Daddy while I am gone in Las Vegas can you hang this picture in my rooom? Hmmmmmm . . . . I think I want it over here by the door." And William is just trying to be involved; he is watching Connor put shoes on, sitting next to the child being tickled, and crawling after each person when they leave the room.

Its funny how our personalities are so evident at such an early age. And even funnier how different genders express their goodbyes.

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