Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Real Drill

Many, many years ago, before we were married. My husband got a hard hat. Living in the city and not doing construction it was a very nifty momento of an afternoon. We have kept that hat for years. Moving it from house to house, never using it.

Today I dug it out, blew off the dust and gave it to Connor, who is 2 1/2. He immediately wanted to know where his tools were, the same tools he hasn't played with in 6 months. He worked hard opening the closet, digging out the big bin of tools and carrying it to daddy so he could open it. I could hear the grunting and groans from the kitchen. He never whined or asked for help. He was determined.

He dug out the specific tool he was looking for, the drill. And I heard him go to work, in the bedroom, on the coffee table, on the doorknobs. "It doesn't work", he says. Since it was running a little slow he now gets to assist daddy in changing the batteries. One of his favorite activities.

Batteries are sorted through until the right size is discovered. Then begins the hunt for the screwdriver. Connor even gets to help in unscrewing of the battery door. It is quite a to-do and Daddy announces that its fixed.

Connor runs off to finish working and he announces again that "it doesn't work". From my post in the kitchen I think that Caskey mistakenly found the dead batteries. But instead I hear Daddy sadly explain, "No, it doesn't 'really' work. Its just a toy. It won't really unscrew things." It broke my heart to hear Connor say, "oh". It was such a sad little voice. "Don't worry", said Daddy, "One day we will get you a real drill."

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