Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Murphy's Law of Parenting

My baby, as most babies, was born a lump. I quickly fell into the habit of placing him anywhere, high or low, and not worry about his safety. Unlike his brother who flew off the kitchen counter during a diaper change at 6 weeks old or his sister who started rolling on a hotel bed at 3 months old, William has never rolled anywhere. Nor has he scooted, squirmed or otherwise moved. I will place William in the center of my King size bed to nap and 3 hours later he is still there, tucked as I tucked him, cooing at the ceiling. When I plop him on the couch after bath time and dash for a diaper and jammies he stays put happily tugging at his towel. And when I prop him in the big pink recliner while I tend to another child he is content to sit there and gaze at the kitty, television or whatever else is playing out in front of him. It has been like this for 9 months.

At well-baby doctors appointments and all the appointments in between I questioned his lack of movement. He will sit unsupported, grab things and put them into his mouth, babble and meet all other milestones provided they don't require movement. The doctor gave me all sorts of suggestions; more tummy time, put his favorite toy out of reach, physically show him to roll over multiple times a day. And I did those things, . . . . well, most of those things, . . . . some of the time. . . . I did put him on his tummy and the laptop on the floor. He had no interest. I put him on his back and my cell phone nearby. He just cooed.

So I gave up. The doctor did some crude physical exams; trying to knock him over, seeing if he would stand and pull to a standing position. He passed. He was doing everything else just fine and quite frankly I didn't have to worry about falls from high places since he just didn't move.

But we will be visiting my father for Memorial weekend. He lives in a gorgeous house with lovely knickknacks and a lovely open floor plan with entryways that are too large for baby gates. When planning this trip I was sure I would have several days to relax while the kids played with my step-sisters, chatting my dad and step-mother, and doing a lot more sitting than I am used to. The older children understand no and can follow directions quite well. And the rules that Connor forgets Lainy Ann will sternly remind him of.

But William has decided that there will be no rest for mommy. He picks this week to learn to roll, cruise, then crawl and now pull to a standing position. All in the matter of 10 days. It just figures that he would learn all of this now. Not in a month when we will be home in our baby-proofed home.

Thanks, William. You have proven to me once again that you have your own timetable regardless of what we say or do.

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