Friday, May 4, 2007

Mother's Day - Thanks Hallmark

As a teen I remember thinking Mother's Day was made up by Hallmark. Another day for my mother to be greedy and collect gifts. She received gifts for all the traditional holidays like my sister and I; Christmas, Easter, and her birthday, but she was being selfish by 'asking' for another gift.

Well, now that *I* am a mom, I no longer feel that way. I am excited about Mother's Day. It will be my 4th. Since I am a mom I can also appreciate what my mother (and mother-in-law) have done for their children over the years. It didn't stop when we were potty trained, started school or even moved out. The worry and concern has been there forever and will continue forever.

So, today I went to preschool to celebrate Mother's Day. I sat with my two preschoolers and had 'tea' and muffins. We played dress up and took pictures. We made bracelets and I opened my gifts. The gifts aren't the important part and quite frankly I don't know if I will even be able to find them in a few years. But my children spent a few weeks thinking, making and preparing for our special morning together. My daughter came home from school and told me about the muffins she had made for the tea. The next day she told me that she had wrapped my present, but it was a secret. And the pride in her face as she handed me my gift - that was the true gift. Seeing her independence, how much she wants to please me, knowing all the love she has for me.

Those feelings are what Mother's Day are really about. Its not about the door hanger with her handprint made into a flower. And its not about the popsicle napkin holder I got from Connor. Its about the morning that was set aside for us to spend together, without the baby, enjoying snacks and eachothers company.

As I prepare Mother's Day for the grandparents I think of my role as a mother; how do I want to be celebrated and what do I wish to hear from my kids? Most days I am so busy being a mother that I forget that I am a mother and what that entails. I have brought life into this world. I am making a difference in their lives and raising them to be polite and good children. I let them play and every morning think about what I will be doing for them. Somedays its gymnastic lessons, others its chores so they have clean clothes and food to eat, but occasionally, like today it is something fun just for them.

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