Saturday, May 12, 2007

Left and Backwards

William is cruising. After 9 months of not rolling over or rocking or trying to crawl he finally took his first steps, left. Now, about 10 days later he is a pro at walking around the coffee table, left. He can even manage to get around the corners, left.

The same day he finally rolled over, once. He hasn't done it again. He will roll onto his side. But he has only rolled over once.

He is really moving though. He is our little wiggle-worm, squirming and trying to get all bits of paper or electronics, cell phones, or remote controls. Anything not deemed safe for under 3 years of age.

Nowadays when I leave him playing quietly on the floor I lose him. Several times I have come back to a seemingly empty room, only to find him under the bed, coffee table or behind a chair. He just scoots, scoots, scoots to the closest crumb on the floor and then mouths it silently.

He goes from a seated position to his knees to get toys and then back onto his bottom. He sure does make his way around a room. I was surprised to find him crawling today, backwards.

I told Caskey, "He's going to be a democrat."

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