Wednesday, May 16, 2007

He's going to Law School

He has no choice. I will only pay for law school and no other. I will not pay for medical school or even a Liberal Arts degree. And if he wants to go to Clown College, well, he better look into student loans.

Connor is already debating me. Our conversations these days are like a ping-pong match, we volley about 7 times before he finally complies. And I usually fall back on the "because I said so" logic.

Just yesterday he requested more carrots at lunchtime
C: Can I have more carrots?
M: Finish your sandwich first.
C: I'm done.
M: No you aren't. There is still food left.
C: But I'm done.
M: Okay. You can have more carrots when the sandwich is gone.
C: (Mouth full of sandwich) Can I have more carrots?
M: Swallow first. Then ask.


Every request from 'put on underwear' to 'come here' goes back and forth as to why my request must be complied with now or the merits of the request. And sadly I end up threatening with time in his room in order to move through our day.

Caskey says I should be proud that he is thinking in such a complex way at just 2 years old, that he is taking me literally, and that he isn't just following my word blindly. But each step all day long is so infuriating. And if I have to spend the next 16 years debating this brilliant mind of his, then he is going to law school.

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