Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy MaMa's Day

It started a month ago with 'dadadadadadada', then he started to say 'dat' (that). William also says a word that sounds kind of like 'hi'. I started working on mama with him. He says dada and I say mama. I have even wrangled the kids into my agenda. Lainy Ann and Connor will endlessly repeat 'mama mama mama mama'.

So on Monday night he said 'ball'. Its laughable really.

But on Thursday night, while he was laying on his belly and griping he said "mama".

Why is it that "dada" is always a happy sound, but he only says "mama" when he is angry? You know Lainy Ann was the same way.

So Happy Mother's Day to me a few days early. Thank you, William, for the best gift a mom could hope for.

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