Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Scott Bakula, take me back!

I look longingly at the pictures of houses on magazine covers. The perfectly dressed dining rooms, the carefully adorned coffee tables and the soft light on the house plant in the corner. I have always wanted a magazine-house; no clutter, no baby toys, or carpet stains.

Where did it go?

William has started to drop things behind his head. It is such an important developmental stage - dropping something so you can't see it, but it doesn't disappear. The problem is that he has been wearing clothing with a collar. And his toy balls are so light that they end up getting caught on the collar. He keeps turning around looking to see where his balls went. Then he feels it behind his neck and can't quite reach it. Poor guy! I hope this doesn't ruin him for life. But it sure is fun to watch.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

When I Grow Up

On the way to school the other day the kids were discussing what they want to be when they grow up. I am so glad they are such close friends.

LA: I'm going to be a soccer player when I get older.
C: Me too.
LA: And a doctor.
C: I'm going to be a baseball player and a soccer player.
LA: I'm going to be on the pink team, what team are you going to be on [Connor]?
C: black
LA: But we should be on the same team. Don't you want to be on the pink team with me?
C: No
LA: Alright (with a sad voice). I will be on the black team.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Murphy's Law of Parenting

My baby, as most babies, was born a lump. I quickly fell into the habit of placing him anywhere, high or low, and not worry about his safety. Unlike his brother who flew off the kitchen counter during a diaper change at 6 weeks old or his sister who started rolling on a hotel bed at 3 months old, William has never rolled anywhere. Nor has he scooted, squirmed or otherwise moved. I will place William in the center of my King size bed to nap and 3 hours later he is still there, tucked as I tucked him, cooing at the ceiling. When I plop him on the couch after bath time and dash for a diaper and jammies he stays put happily tugging at his towel. And when I prop him in the big pink recliner while I tend to another child he is content to sit there and gaze at the kitty, television or whatever else is playing out in front of him. It has been like this for 9 months.

Best 20 Days of My Life

Contributed Anonymously

I woke up on Tuesday with bad cramps and spotting and pretty much knew what was happening. So I called my doctor. Only I don't have a doctor, I have an HMO. So I actually called an advice nurse, who advised me to go to urgent care. I went to urgent care. They saw me right away and the nurse did a urine pregnancy test, which came back negative.

Here's my first question: Is it too much to ask that when a woman is losing the baby that she has waited her entire life for, that she has endured months of invasive tests and procedures for, that she has been celebrating and loving and dreaming about for a few short weeks, is it too much to ask that her husband be called to come help her? Because apparently it is. The nurse informed me that she could not access his medical records without his permission. My cell phone was dead, my baby was dead, and they don't have any way of contacting my next of kin.

He's going to Law School

He has no choice. I will only pay for law school and no other. I will not pay for medical school or even a Liberal Arts degree. And if he wants to go to Clown College, well, he better look into student loans.

Connor is already debating me. Our conversations these days are like a ping-pong match, we volley about 7 times before he finally complies. And I usually fall back on the "because I said so" logic.

Just yesterday he requested more carrots at lunchtime
C: Can I have more carrots?
M: Finish your sandwich first.
C: I'm done.
M: No you aren't. There is still food left.
C: But I'm done.
M: Okay. You can have more carrots when the sandwich is gone.
C: (Mouth full of sandwich) Can I have more carrots?
M: Swallow first. Then ask.


Every request from 'put on underwear' to 'come here' goes back and forth as to why my request must be complied with now or the merits of the request. And sadly I end up threatening with time in his room in order to move through our day.

Caskey says I should be proud that he is thinking in such a complex way at just 2 years old, that he is taking me literally, and that he isn't just following my word blindly. But each step all day long is so infuriating. And if I have to spend the next 16 years debating this brilliant mind of his, then he is going to law school.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Real Drill

Many, many years ago, before we were married. My husband got a hard hat. Living in the city and not doing construction it was a very nifty momento of an afternoon. We have kept that hat for years. Moving it from house to house, never using it.

Today I dug it out, blew off the dust and gave it to Connor, who is 2 1/2. He immediately wanted to know where his tools were, the same tools he hasn't played with in 6 months. He worked hard opening the closet, digging out the big bin of tools and carrying it to daddy so he could open it. I could hear the grunting and groans from the kitchen. He never whined or asked for help. He was determined.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Left and Backwards

William is cruising. After 9 months of not rolling over or rocking or trying to crawl he finally took his first steps, left. Now, about 10 days later he is a pro at walking around the coffee table, left. He can even manage to get around the corners, left.

The same day he finally rolled over, once. He hasn't done it again. He will roll onto his side. But he has only rolled over once.

He is really moving though. He is our little wiggle-worm, squirming and trying to get all bits of paper or electronics, cell phones, or remote controls. Anything not deemed safe for under 3 years of age.

Nowadays when I leave him playing quietly on the floor I lose him. Several times I have come back to a seemingly empty room, only to find him under the bed, coffee table or behind a chair. He just scoots, scoots, scoots to the closest crumb on the floor and then mouths it silently.

He goes from a seated position to his knees to get toys and then back onto his bottom. He sure does make his way around a room. I was surprised to find him crawling today, backwards.

I told Caskey, "He's going to be a democrat."

Happy MaMa's Day

It started a month ago with 'dadadadadadada', then he started to say 'dat' (that). William also says a word that sounds kind of like 'hi'. I started working on mama with him. He says dada and I say mama. I have even wrangled the kids into my agenda. Lainy Ann and Connor will endlessly repeat 'mama mama mama mama'.

So on Monday night he said 'ball'. Its laughable really.

But on Thursday night, while he was laying on his belly and griping he said "mama".

Why is it that "dada" is always a happy sound, but he only says "mama" when he is angry? You know Lainy Ann was the same way.

So Happy Mother's Day to me a few days early. Thank you, William, for the best gift a mom could hope for.

Friday, May 4, 2007

False positive or pregnancy

It was Christmas time and we were getting ready to go on our annual trip north to visit the relatives. It was our first Christmas with our daughter and a huge undertaking. As we got ready to go I realized my period was late by about a week or more. So I carefully packed a pregnancy test in a place where my mother-in-law, who was traveling with us, wouldn't accidentally see it. In a mediocre hotel room in central California off of the I-5 I peed on a stick. It came up positive right away. I told my husband and we quietly rejoiced while my daughter slept. We agreed not to tell anyone for a bit. We didn't want to overshadow the holidays.

Mother's Day - Thanks Hallmark

As a teen I remember thinking Mother's Day was made up by Hallmark. Another day for my mother to be greedy and collect gifts. She received gifts for all the traditional holidays like my sister and I; Christmas, Easter, and her birthday, but she was being selfish by 'asking' for another gift.

Well, now that *I* am a mom, I no longer feel that way. I am excited about Mother's Day. It will be my 4th. Since I am a mom I can also appreciate what my mother (and mother-in-law) have done for their children over the years. It didn't stop when we were potty trained, started school or even moved out. The worry and concern has been there forever and will continue forever.