Friday, April 6, 2007

Slightly Used Baby for Sale

For Sale: 9 month old baby boy. Underweight, average height. He has ringworm and rosiolla and two teeth. Allergic to chocolate, Singulair and Nyquil. Shots up to date. Must go to a good home.

Well, I think his siblings may have something to say about it. So I guess we will keep him.

My first 2 kids were a breeze. I say that now, but my husband insists I had trials with them too and I don't remember them. But William has been to the doctor or hospital so many times. At just a few weeks old I was worried because he was gagging and not breathing. After several hours at the ER and a tube up the nose he was diagnosed with reflux. I had to cut chocolate, soda, and too much processed sugar out of my diet or he would spit up each meal.

He was diagnosed with RSV after one of his many colds. My other kids never had RSV. He was put on Singulair as a precaution for future asthmatic issues. He started spitting up each meal.

His last well-baby visit was at 6 months. He visited the doctor at least 6 times in 3 months. He has been to the doctor twice in the last week. This weeks diagnosis were ringworm (prescription given was lotrimin) and rosiolla. And he has only gained 3 oz in a month. *sigh*

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