Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Scream of Joy

My mother and I went to a quilting show this past weekend. It was fantastic. I had such a great time looking at the fabrics and imaging all the quilts I would make. I took William with me in his stroller and all the ladies enjoyed his chubby legs and big smiles. We were gone for about 6 hours.

When I got home I decided to take all the kids to get take-out for dinner. I had really missed them and I just wanted to be with them after a long day without them. They climbed into the car where William was already buckled. And I heard a scream. It wasn't an owie-scream or a leave-me-alone-scream. This one was of pure joy and it came froom tiny little William. He has found his siblings and was screaming because he was happy to see them. It just warmed my heart. At just 7 months old not only does he recognize his siblings, but he misses them when they are gone. In that moment I wanted to have 5 more kids, just so I could create more of those relationships of sibling love.

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