Saturday, March 10, 2007

I get so lazy

With my daughter I was compulsive about babyproofing and cleaning, by the book. I obsessed about how many inches apart the slats should be on the crib. I refused to use baby equipment that my husband had used as a baby, the concerns of lead paint and safety rang clear in my ears. I wouldn't let my daughter in certain rooms of the house because I didn't feel they were clean enough. When she was placed on the floor it was on a blanket rather than on the dirty carpet.

As she began to cruise the worry didn't stop. We stopped placing things on the coffee table. Drinks were placed up high and every outlet in the house had a safety plug in it. I wouldn't let her touch my keys because of the dirt and I swabbed down our hands after shopping in public. If she dropped a pacifier on the floor it went directly into the dishwasher to be sanitized.

But I have since had two other children. I have retrieved endless numbers of pacifiers and listened to hours and hours of crying. I have learned that a child sucking on dirty keys is sometimes better than wailing. I have discovered the fine art of shaking dust off of a pacifier or sucking off the germs before popping it back into the infants mouth.

I think the true proof that I have relaxed is that I just discovered my 6 month old playing with the cords on the blinds. The same blinds that I was sure would strangle my daughter just 3 years before. Although I try very hard to keep things clean sometimes I have to let it go because I am too busy wiping noses or cuddling. But I need to get back into child-proofing mode. No more trash can left out to be knocked over, car keys go into the pockets, and blind cords get hung up high.

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