Monday, February 19, 2007


My blog tends to be a political-free arena. I have my beliefs. I stand by them, but no one is going to change my opinion nor do I want to try and change someone else's opinion. I am content with letting people be wrong. :-)

But Pelosi has been making the news as the first female speaker of the house. Diane Sawyer has been doing a follow-up and interviewing the women of the senate. It has been an interesting series of interviews. The views these women have are unique to senators, yet at the same time are the same concerns and thoughts many women in many different jobs have. One woman spoke of preparing for a speech while making her child a peanut butter sandwhich for school. How many millions of women across America prepare for work while making their child's school lunch?

I was raised by a single-mother who taught us that women could do anything. I never thought that my choices in life were limited by my gender. I was encouraged to go to college and get a career in case I had to support my family. I personally believed there were some tasks that mean fared better at, but I was always told I could do anything I wanted.

But listening to Pelosi and the other female Senators that Sawyer interviewed I realized I truly can do anything. I could even enter politics. They talked about juggling life with three children and a career in politics.

I feel really inspired to truly do anything I want. Funny, how at 30 years old I am finally inspired to do anything. I am getting very excited about the next decade of politics in our country. I can't wait to see what the country decides about who should lead us in the next few elections. Will it be a woman?

What I am most excited about is my daughter's future? Just as I don't know a time when women couldn't vote and women didn't have careers, she will not know a time when women had limited choices in their adult lives.

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