Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Date Night

Last night I had a date. Don't start thinking of candle-lit dinners, wearing slightly uncomfortable, but really good looking clothes. There were no flowers, kisses good night or even snuggling in a dark theater. In fact, I was alone. Again you are thinking about a long soak in a tub. The night off so I can read, sleep, or put some overdue time into my hobbies. NOPE.

My date lasted about 12 miles and 30 minutes. I was grubby after cleaning the house, making dinner, and putting the kids in bed. I wore wrinkled clothes that are either a half-size too big or a half-size too small. I didn't wash the car or do any of the classic pre-date stuff. It was fantastic.

I got into the car with my 8 Bose speakers and NO children. This doesn't happen often. The freeways were clear since it was after 9 pm. I found my favorite country CD and turned up the volume. WAY UP! I finally set the cruise control because my speed was keeping up with the loud music. I sang loudly, but the volume was so high that I couldn't even hear myself.

It isn't often that I am without the children. And that 30 minutes stint of singing in the car and driving down the dark road was enough to refresh me for the next day. I had a date with myself!

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