Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Act

By: Leslie Jacob

I never considered myself a performer,
to be skilled in the art of drama.
To be able to transform into a role
everyone wants to see.

I know the lines of the role I now play.
The “correct” response to
all the conversations thrown my way.

Others want to see that I’m OK.
That I am back to my normal
That my life has gone on
So theirs can too.

Daily I hear words of praise for a job well done.
“We are so proud of you!”
”You are so strong!”
”You’re doing great!”

The realization then hits me.
I have truly put on an award winning show.

Behind the curtain,
weak legs carry me through the day.
My broken heart still hurts with every beat.
A smile and a laugh mask the tears.

The daily me you perceive,
is all a part of
everyone else wants to see.

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