Thursday, January 11, 2007

LeapFrog Dominoes

I am a walking talking advertisement for Leap Frog and their products. We have the DVD's; Letter Factory, Word Factory, Math Circus, and all of the sequels.
We have the fridge toys too; Word Whammer, Fridge Phonics and Fridge Farm. We have purchased the radio and duplicates of these items for friends. We love Leap Frog.

I was so excited when I saw the board games at the store this past summer. It was a little early for Christmas, but I decided to just buy it and save it until December rolled around. There were a few games to choose from. I shushed the kids while I debated the difference between the different games; Dominoes, Bingo, and the In Line Game.

I decided on Dominoes since my daughter had been playing match with grandma's dominoe set for several months. They have been counting the number of dots and matching the right ends together. I thought this would be a nice educational spin on a traditional game. She would be able to match the number to the right number of objects, match rhyming words, or shapes and colors. Her little brother could even play too.

I purchased it for a reasonable price, excited that we would be able to take our favorite brand to non-electronic play. However, I wish I had read the reviews and done a little more research before purchasing it. I didn't realize until Christmas morning what a poorly designed product it is. The cardboard pieces easily slip out of the pods. It is too much to expect toddlers to hold the pods level to keep them from falling out. I could tape them in, but that would negate any future flexibility of play. I truly wish I had ready any of the reviews on amazon, like this one, to see what an awful product this is.

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