Monday, January 1, 2007

Her first bicycle - PINK

It started a few months ago. We were driving in the car when I hear from the backseat, "I think I am old enough for a bicycle". I was really surprised. I didn't think I would start hearing sentences like that for years. I calmly told her that I would discuss it with Daddy. She then proceeded to explain to me ALL the reasons why she needed a bike and that she knew bike safety. She had her facts straight, she knew the rules, she was ready.

A month later we took her to the store to "try on" bikes. And today I came home with a pink bicycle in my trunk. She will be so happy when she sees it under the tree on Christmas morning.

UPDATE: She found her bike and is in love with it. I love that it is generic pink, not themed after Cinderella, Barbie or Dora. Daddy took her out riding it yesterday morning and she took off right away. We knew she could pedal since she has been riding tricylces at school for over a year now, but steering on a bike is much different. She was able to do it though.

She even rides it in the house, for now, until we put it outside. But each time she puts on her helmet - even indoors. She doesn't even need to be reminded. She is growing up before our eyes.

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