Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Confession Time

Alright ladies. I know a lot of my friends frequent my blog. It's confession time: I talk about you behind your back.

I know it sounds horrible, but it really isn't. Most of the time it is conversations with my husband about so-so's child who did this and then the mother reacted like that. Then we decide how we would react and if that particular punishment would work withour children and which ones. We talk about this from the perspective of deciding what we would do. We spend a lot of time analyzing our children, our parenting styles, the kids behaviors, and how best to parent our kids.

I fully acknowledge that each child, parent and family are different and I don't suppose to know what's best for any family. For instance, I have a friend who bakes nearly every day. She always has yummy treats for me and my kids when we visit. I'm jealous. I would love to bake everyday and then consume the results. But this family has good genes. They are those type of people with good metabolism and a love of exercise. I, however, just love sweets. So I try very hard not to have them in our home or available to our kids. But its nice to visit and indulge every once in a while.

I have another friend who doesn't allow her son to watch tv. Again I am envious. We have to let our kids watch tv. We do work very hard at choosing age apropriate programming that is designed to teach them. But if my kids didn't watch tv I would never get a shower, use the restroom alone, or get a few extra zzzzzz's in on the couch.

I ran across this blog the other day. Sabrina Porterfield wrote about Good vs Bad Mothering. And it really rang true with me. I used to be that mom who knew how to do it right because I breastfed, we didn't co-sleep, whatever the reason. But as I became more experienced as a mother and found that all children, even mine, aren't the same, I became more understanding and appreciative of other mothers and their choices.

So I am giving Sabrina a little more internet space by posting a link to her blog. I think we all need to remember to support each other as mothers rather than attacking each other for our choices.

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