Monday, November 13, 2006

Lainy Ann can Spell

Over the weekend Lainy Ann turned to me at lunch time and said, "C-A-T spells cat". I was very impressed. She has been able to spell all of our names; Connor, Lainy Ann, William, Mommy and Daddy, but this was new. It was a word.

So on Sunday evening during dinner I am ready to show Daddy her new trick. I ask her to tell Daddy how to spell cat. She does. No prompting. He then asks her to spell bat. I look at her wondering what she is going to do. I only knew she could spell cat. We haven't worked on phonics. Well, she repeats the word, "bat" and starts to spell, "B-A-T". I have to tell you, right there I about peed my pants. with excitement.

They worked on a few other words too; rat and hat. She was able to figure out the initial sound and then follow it with the A-T. He also helped her to spell cup. Daddy was so excited that he announced we were having ice cream. And he scooped a bowl for each of us making sure to let Lainy Ann know that she was getting the most scoops.

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