Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Potty Training or Defiance

This morning my son rushed out of his room for his morning diaper. All looked normal to me until I saw his bare butt! I convinced myself that he had simply taken off his diaper because it was so wet and uncomfortable. I quickly went to get a new diaper since I didn't want a mess on the floor. But on my way into the room I looked for the discarded diaper. This was an easy task since we had just cleaned his room. There wasn't a diaper in sight.

I finally found a perfectly dry diaper in his bed. How odd. Until I noticed his bed was soaking wet. I believe last night when he was fussing before going to sleep he took off his diaper. And all night long he just peed in the bed. I can't believe he didn't wake last night upset about the wet bed - but he slept right through it.

So this morning I have started the laundry. The kicker - I had just put clean sheets on last night.

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