Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Not to be Outdone by his Brother

Connor felt the need to visit the ER exactly 2 days after I was discharged. But William has had his fair share of "issues" since he was born too.

We had to visit the doctor when he was 2 days old since our pediatrician doesn't have rights at the hospital William was born. They declared him to be jaundiced and since I didn't know my blood type and the hospital failed to save the cord blood we had to go the following day for a blood draw. I was terrified of this experience after having had Lainy Ann's blood drawn at 9 months old for an allergy test. It was an awful experience with 20 minutes of screaming while I cried silently inside. I expected the same this time.

I was very wrong. Instead they pricked a hole in the bottom of William's heal and squeezed the blood into a vial. This process was much longer and he screamed the whole time. I have always thought of the 2-month vaccinations as the first time the children feel real pain in there lives. Poor William, he has felt pain many times over.

Then we had to go back for a weight check. The doctor was concerned that he was only gaining 4 oz every 5 days instead of 2 oz a day. She was talking formula and supplementation. At a week old I was already failing as a mom. Finally he regained his birth weight and we were given a reprieve. At 6 weeks old and 10 lbs 5 oz you would never know he was slow to gain at the beginning.

Then last Saturday, Labor Day weekend, William again became the center of attention. He started to do this gagging/choking thing where he would stop breathing. The first two times we were at the grocery store and he was sitting in his carseat. I sure did panic. I unbuckled him and leaned him forward in hopes that gravity would assist him. He recovered each time. He never turned blue nor lost consciousness.

He did it again on Sunday. This time while being held upright and another time while napping on his side. After losing the twins I just couldn't lose again and I started having nightmares about SIDS and not being able to hear him once while he was choking. I called the pediatrician who told us to go to the ER. My good friend Mindy came along to keep me sane. After 4 hours and a few benign tests he was declared perfectly healthy. They even stuck tubes down his nose to make sure there wasn't any blockages. More pain for William.

We had a follow up on Tuesday with our regular pediatrician. I slept restlessly the whole weekend, listening for the gagging noise. After talking for about 20 minutes we ruled out sleep apnea and SIDS episodes. It was determined that he had reflux. I had been nursing so the doctor was able to hold him immediately after feeding and feel that he was spitting up although nothing was coming out his mouth.

The doctor is unconcerned, especially since he is gagging. That means his reflex is working well. We are on a regimen of eating upright and sitting upright for a bit afterwards. Since he is gaining weight and not in any pain the biggest issue is the added laundry. So we feel lucky. I just can't believe these boys are already competing to see who can go to the doctor the most in one month.

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