Friday, September 8, 2006

Mom of boys

As I started to have kids I never imagined that I would be the mother of boys. Instead I imagined slumber parties, baking, dolls, tea parties and everything pink. I had decided that I would have one son for my husband to pass on the family name, but I never imagined myself playing in the dirt with trucks and dinosaurs. And even worse, I will one day be a mother-in-law.

But now that my second living son has been born, which brings my total of sons to 4, I have decided that I have to be more of a tomboy. If you see my other post about grasshoppers you will know that I hate bugs. So I have been very (not really) bravely killing spiders and other bug things. I hold in the squeals as I inch closer to the spiders (if my husband isn't home). And then after I flush the offender down the toilet I hide in the bathroom so the kids won't see me shudder. Did I mention I hate bugs?! YUCK!

A few weeks ago I woke from naptime to a buzzing sound. Uh oh! I tracked down the sound-maker only to find a wasp. Since the wasp was busying himself with trying to get out through the closed window I quietly closed the blinds (not that that would keep him from wandering around the house) and ignored him. Then my son got up from his nap and started chasing the wasp, after all he was curious. Since I wasn't interested in yet another ER visit, this time to remove a stinger, I resigned myself to having to do something. I did however call my husband hoping he was on his way home in the middle of the day, no such luck.

The wasp became attracted to another wasp, really it was his own reflection as he landed on our large mirror. I grabbed a cup and an empty envelope. I trapped him under the cup. Now to slide the paper between the cup and the glass. The wasp started to walk towards the bottom of the cup, I stiffled a wimper. It didn't matter that there was a 1/4" of hard plastic between him and me. I was imagining all the ways he could sting me through plastic.

I got the envelope over the end of the cup. I was able to keep him trapped in the cup as I walked toward the front door with my hands as far away from me as possible. I still had visions of him stinging me somehow. I walked far into the front yard before I realized I had left the front door open. So QUICK! I threw the cup towards the street (but not in the street, I like that cup) and RAN to the front door so I could beat him inside. (As if he wanted to be inside) I made it! Our house is now wasp free.

I called my husband and told him the story as if I had just rescued a family from a burning building. And my wonderful husband congratulated me as if I had just colonized the moon!

*sigh* Can my next child please be a girl?!

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