Monday, September 25, 2006

In September

In September

When cool breezes chase away the summer heat,
when children catch the school bus down the street
And the first fall leaves drift softly to my feet,
I will remember...

And, in September
When the skies turn from pale blue to cloudy gray,
And nothing we can do makes summer stay,
I will think of when you came...and went away.
I will remember...

It was September
When I got the news that dropped me to my knees,
and I begged the Lord to spare my children, please.
Then my hopes burst just like bubbles on the breeze.
Yes, I remember.

That in September,
You came into the world so very small,
When we knew you had no chance to live at all,
And you answered the angel's gentle call.
Oh, I remember...

That sad September,
And how much I longed to keep you here with me.
But we knew in our hearts it couldn't be.
And your little spirit struggled to be free.
And I remember...

In that September
How I held you and I loved that you were mine.
How I had you for a little speck of time.
Then you left this world for one much more divine.
And I remember.

How in September
Foolish people told us it was for the best,
When we laid your tiny body down to rest
And we mourned you, but we also felt so blessed.
This I remember.

It was September.
Your life had so much meaning, I can see,
And you changed our hearts for all eternity.
And you left your prints forever on me
That September.

So I Remember...

- Gwen Flowers

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  1. I will begin to have sympathy for you, Leslie, when you begin to show compassion for my sister, your children's grandmother.