Thursday, September 14, 2006

Happy Birthday, My Son

You are two years old. It is hard to believe that two years ago our lives were drastically different. We had only been in this house for 2 months, your sister was 18 months old and still wearing diapers, barely talking. Your room was daddy's office.

Now you have a new little brother and a fire engine red room. Your sister is never quiet and always telling you what to do. And now when we talk about potty training it is in reference to you, not Lainy Ann.

It has been such a pleasure to watch you grow up. I love noticing how much like Daddy you are. Whenver Daddy makes himself a meal you park yourself next to him and start bargaining for a bite (or 3). You first ask "bite?" and when Daddy says no you say "just one". Its so cute that he always gives in, but then you ask "just one" again. ;-)

When I ask you a question and you are thinking hard about it you look up into the corners of your eyes. I can just see the wheels turning as you decide what the right answer is.

I love the nursery rhyme "Jack Sprat would eat no fat and his wife would eat no lean". This describes you and your sister perfectly. You love the meat and spicy foods and she likes the starch. In fact, recently we were out to eat and you kept dipping your lemon into the salsa. You ate the lemon - rind and all. And then asked for another. I do not understand your eating habits at all - but they make sense to Daddy.

You appear to be fairly athletic and not too clumsy. It will be interesting to see if that skill holds out for you. You can do a somersault better than your sister and you are always climbing and daring. And although you have had 2 sets of stitches you do a pretty good job of not falling too much.

You are recognizing letters! I can't believe it! So far "A" is the one you notice the most. But you know most of the sounds of the letters. You and Lainy Ann sing the song from the Letter Factory "A says ah". She starts the song and you finish it. I love it!

Right now your favorite toys are these little animals from Target. You have about a dozen now and they all sleep in your bed with you. Your favorite is the "raff" (giraffe).

You adore your sister. You have just recently learned to say 'Lainy Ann'. Up until now she was your "ish", your version of 'sis'. When I come home after taking Lainy Ann to school I don't get a hug instead I get interrogated, "ish?" When I tell you that she is at school you respond with "oh, sad". And then you mope around the house until she gets home.

I remember your first steps. It was August, you were 11 months old, just before we went to Arizona to visit my father. I was home alone so I couldn't take any pictures of your steps. But Phyllis took them while we were visiting.

You will start preschool on Monday, just 2 days a week for a total of 6 hours. But I will be crying, nonetheless. I can't wait to see what the future holds; will you be athletic, contemplative, musical? Lately you have been enjoying classical music, but you also like to climb, jump and tumble. I wonder.

But I desperately want you to stay little and cuddly. I love how you say 'mom' whever you speak to me. If I call "Connor" you say "What, mom?" If I give you a direction you say "yes, mom". Soon you will grow up. Right now you occasionally say "myself" or "do it myself" soon that will be an everyday occurance. It is bittersweet, these birthdays.

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