Tuesday, August 15, 2006

William's Birth Day

Around 35 weeks we started to get ready for our newest bundle. We washed clothes, assembled the bassinet, car seat, stroller and other gear. I packed my bag and was ready to go into labor at any time. After all, the others were early and it had been 10 months since my last delivery. I was ready.

At 38 weeks I wondered where the baby was. Well, he was obviously in my belly, but when was he coming out. I was having braxton hicks semi-regularly and was tired of wondering each day if 'this was it'. The baby had begun to move less too. And after a frantic visit to L&D for an NST when he wasn't moving one day and many other days of cancelled playdates so I could do kick counts I was just done being pregnant.

My doctor took pity on me and scheduled an induction for 39 weeks, July 28th. I was really worried about choosing my child's birthday. Especially since he was due on my 30th birthday and his grandmother's birthday. I too was born on my grandmother's birthday and felt like I was changing his future/fate/life by having him early. Realistically the only reason to be induced was to put my mind and emotions at ease. It was hard to reconcile that against his birthday.

I checked into the hospital at 8 am on Friday morning and after all my worries and concern about "choosing" a birthday, the stubborn little booger came on Saturday, July 29th at 1 pm!!!! It was 29-hours of labor, but only one hour of pushing. I wisely got the epidural around 11 pm on Friday so I was able to rest some.

It was a picture perfect labor and delivery. Since I was being induced it did take a while for my cervix to thin and dialate. The nurses were happy with my progress and it was comforting to listen to the baby's heartbeat for 24 hours, especially since he wasn't moving much. I think it was the most relaxed I have been.

There were tears, especially when I saw it was a boy and he looks SO much like my 2 year old son in the face and has the same body type of my daughter. It really reminded me of what we would have had with the twin boys. I also had a lot of fear of the epidural this time - last time it was so painful and filled with grief, since I knew they were still. The anestesiologist was fantastic though. I explained to her my situation and told her that I was really afraid, but it was mostly mental. She did a great job.

In fact, all the nurses were very kind. Before each shift change (and there were a lot of them) the nurse would give the new nurse a mini-bio of my history so they understood my fears and concerns.

My little guy was nice and loud though. His heartbeat didn't even slow too much during the pushing and contractions - it was a consistent 140-145 the whole time. I didn't have to worry about cords, distress or anything. It was a big relief!

We are home now. He is a champ at nursing and just like all babies wants to be up all night and sleep all day. With 2 other kids I am kind of tired. But I am more comfortable and not as stressed about his condition. Even after the long labor my doctor is glad we induced, especially since he was so big.

I'm still finding things to be emotional. I was really hoping for a girl so it would be completely different from the twins. But then I remind myself that I would have never been pregnant with William if we hadn't lost the twins. I am just thankful he is here safe and sound. It makes all the worries and fear over the last 39 weeks worth it.

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