Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Not the Middle Child

William was born safely into this world on July 29th, 2006. He was stubborn like his siblings arriving almost 30 hours after we induced, proving that he wasn't going to be made to do anything. And he was so very loud at the very beginning that I began to worry about the family dynamics.

My daughter, the first born, is the only girl right now. She is also extremely outgoing and social. She makes use of her dimples and radiant smile and won't ever be called a wall-flower.

I started thinking about Connor, my now middle child. He adores his sister and is always following her around. And with this new screamer in our family I began to worry about him just blending in and being forgotten. I worried about this for 2 days in the hospital.

Until Tuesday, William was 3 days old and I had only been home for 2 days. Connor was outside jumping and playing and just as we are winding down for bedtime (mine too) he fell and split his forehead open. *sigh* It definitely needed stitches.

So we went to the emergency room at 9 pm. I was very much post-partum and still recovering. I had to take the baby with me since I was nursing. I was able to convince a friend to go with me so I had an extra hand in case I needed to nurse and then grandma stayed home with my daughter who was in bed sleeping.

The triage nurse told me that it would be a four-hour wait to find out IF he needed stitches. I started crying and explained to the very understanding nurse that I had had 5 hours of sleep in 4 days and I wasn't interested in sitting in the waiting room for four hours for the doctor to put a band-aid on it and send us home. The nurse thankfully and generously took Connor to see a doctor who indeed diagnosed him as needing glue and that she would be sure to see him by 11 pm. Ugh!

We were able to go home (where I moaned on the couch) for a few hours and go back to the waiting room without losing our spot. Daddy relieved me and had his first ER experience with the kids and Connor got glued. He handled it like a trooper and happily sported his new souvenir.

The next day Connor pulled off the glue. The doctor told us it was too soon and the wound hadn't healed. He might as well had not gotten the stitches. All of that for nothing!

I no longer worry about my 'middle child' being left out or forgotten. He has tried to prove his spot in the family at least 4 other times since then by jumping, falling, and somersaulting. He is my adventurous boy and will not be ignored in the least.

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  1. [...] Connor felt the need to visit the ER exactly 2 days after I was discharged. But William has had his fair share of “issues” since he was born too. We had to visit the doctor when he was 2 days old since our pediatrician doesn’t have rights at the hospital William was born. They declared him to be jaundiced and since I didn’t know my blood type and the hospital failed to save the cord blood we had to go the following day for a blood draw. I was terrified of this experience after having had Lainy Ann’s blood drawn at 9 months old for an allergy test. It was an awful experience with 20 minutes of screaming while I cried silently inside. I expected the same this time. [...]