Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Angel dates and Due dates, for friends

(Thanks to Jen for the idea for this entry)

It means the world to a loss mom to know that others have not forgotten her child(ren). And as I approach the first anniversary of the twins death I am scared that no one will remember and even more afraid that if I mention them it will be dismissed with, "but you have William now".

So here are some suggestions on things to do so your friend doesn't feel so alone:
-Send a card telling her you love her and have her and her baby in your thoughts and prayers
-Get her flowers or a small figurine to remind her of her baby
-Offer to visit the cemetary with her, or go yourself and leave flowers
-Offer to take her to lunch or for coffee and just listen
-Be sure to refer to her child by name
-Have a Mass or prayer service said in the name of her child

See some other suggestions here.

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