Monday, July 3, 2006

Ta Da

I keep expecting Child Family Services to knock on my door. My son gets a major bruise at least 5 times a week. Thank goodness we don't have family portraits coming up. Just last week he was running in the backyard, tripped on a hose and hit his head on a small decorative boulder. The bruise and swelling was the size of a half-dollar. Just a few hours after that he fell off the toilet. He was sitting on the lid waiting for his bath. Ugh!

Those incidents don't mention the dozens of bruises on his legs that I don't know how he got. I started feeling like a bad mother. Until I remembered that it was this age when my daughter ended up with bruises daily.

I was reminded it wasn't my fault when he took a flying leap off the couch this morning complete with a "ta da" at the end.

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