Sunday, July 2, 2006

"I Love My Life" by Jamie O'Neal

I admit it I listen to country music. Fan is a little extreme, especially since I can't remember any of the artists names. But I love the upbeat tempo and the down to earth lyrics. Its great for listening to in the car.

The other morning we were heading down the hill to my daughter's preschool. This song came on the radio. Now, "rocking-out" isn't exactly the right term, but we cranked up the radio and I sang along. I started tearing up as I thought of my own life and how lucky I am to be a mom to two wonderful kids and have a loving husband.

And then I looked in the rear-view mirror to see my two kids bopping along to the music. They didn't know or even understand the lyrics. But there they were, dancing while my daughter kept saying "louder". All they knew was that mommy was happy and they were too.

I truly love my life.

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