Saturday, July 1, 2006

Bathroom or Playground?

I was in the laundry room when my daughter yells, "come quick, its broken" from the bathroom. It was her I-think-its-urgent-voice-but-it-isn't-really. So I finished up the laundry until I heard, "Connor, come see its broken." Well, that lit a fire under me. I certainly didn't want the 21 month old checking out whatever was broken. After all, it could be glass or porcelain.

I went into the bathroom to find the towel rod hanging halfway out of the wall. Now, when my husband installed the towel rods 2 years ago he told me to be very careful since it was plaster, not drywall. Each day I have carefully re-hung the towels, not pulling on them for fear of breaking these towel rods.

At first my daughter, 3 1/2, wouldn't divulge as to how they became broken. Obviously she had something to do with it since she was the only one in the room. But I wasn't sure if she had just pulled on the towels or what.

Hours later and I am still trying to elicit the truth. Until now she has said, "it broke". So I asked her again, "What were you touching the silver part (the rod) or the towel?" So she tells me, "I was swinging on the silver part." Well, no wonder its broken, I think to myself. "Just like yesterday", she finishes.

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