Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Pond, again

Yes, at the same Father's Day BBQ my son fell into the pond - no not fishing or trying to retrieve the ball. His big sister must be 'first'; the first one in the house, the first one to be buckled, the first one to get dinner. Her reasoning is because she is bigger. We are trying to teach her patience, but since she will usually run to be first her slower brother is second by default.

This weekend the game was 'jump off the rock'. The rock is decorative and about 1 foot high next to the pond. This was a highly supervised activity; 2 adults holding my daughter's hands and I was watching the festivities from 3 feet away. Well, the little brother didn't want to be left out of the fun. He struggled up on the rock too and he jumped off. This continued for about 7 turns. However, my daughter wasn't content to wait for Connor to climb up onto the rock. So she pushed by him to get onto the rock first. And he tumbled head first into the pond. With all the adults nearby he was drug out immediately. He had held his breath and did not have any scratches on him.

After a bit of holding, rocking, a quick shower, and change of clothes he was fine. Or so we thought. That night he had several nightmares and the next day ended up with a high fever. I don't know if the incidents are connected, but he is healthy now and back to his normal self.

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