Thursday, June 22, 2006

Child Gate not Child-Proof - UPDATE

We stored the gate away for about a month; after all we couldn't return it and it wasn't gating (see previous post about the child gate). Recently we switched my son to a twin bed and he has taken to getting up several times a night and wandering around the house, just because he can. It makes me very nervous and I haven't been sleeping well.

So we put the gate in his bedroom doorway. It would keep him in the safety of his room at night and the worst that would happen is he would end up sleeping on the floor. His older sister would be sleeping and wouldn't be able to assist in the opening-process.

Last night was the first night with the gate. I sat on the couch quietly surfing the web waiting for the kids to fall asleep when I heard my son's bedroom door open. He couldn't see me from his room so I was silent, hoping he would give up and go back to bed. I hear some squeaking sounds and am confused. Then a squeal! FREEDOM! My 21 month old and 28 pound son opened the child-proof gate!!!!! He learned from his sister. Jumping up and down on the pedal sprung him from his nighttime prison.

I put him back in bed and closed the gate. 15 minutes later his bedroom door opens again, the squeaking begins as he jumps up and down on the foot pedal. This time the gate did not spring open, he must not have jumped hard enough. He gave up and went back to bed to sleep.

We are leaving the gate in his doorway for the time being. Mostly because there is no where else to put it and we can't return it. It works as a great visual for discipline; him being closed in his room for not following directions. But this gate is not child-proof; unless your kids weigh less than 28 pounds, and don't know how to jump.


  1. I love reading your blogs...I have three children 7, 4, and was so hard when they were small like that but, they are all so will be happy that you had them close together. Good luck....and I love the fire station story, Kentucky has the same law...too bad there isn't a 43,680. hour safe haven law. :)

  2. [...] Today William (23 months) and Maddie (19 months) were running around the house with both baby gates up since the stove was in use. I hear William and/or Maddie fussing with the gate. Its a common noise in this house, someone always seems to be fooling with it; closing, opening, or just trying. But as I head to the back bedroom I hear, “Mama, in”. I went to investigate and sure enough William had opened the not child-proof gate and he and Maddie were running wild and climbing onto the table. [...]