Thursday, June 22, 2006

Child Gate not Child-Proof - UPDATE

We stored the gate away for about a month; after all we couldn't return it and it wasn't gating (see previous post about the child gate). Recently we switched my son to a twin bed and he has taken to getting up several times a night and wandering around the house, just because he can. It makes me very nervous and I haven't been sleeping well.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

34 Weeks Pregnant, All is Well

Its been an eventful pregnancy. Most of it imagined and emotional; the fear of early miscarriage. The larger fear of a second trimester miscarriage. I have stressed about killing the baby after spending an active day at Disneyland. I also entertained the irrational fear of the baby being a hermaphrodite and my most recent concern was about having a c-section because the baby was breech.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Pond, again

Yes, at the same Father's Day BBQ my son fell into the pond - no not fishing or trying to retrieve the ball. His big sister must be 'first'; the first one in the house, the first one to be buckled, the first one to get dinner. Her reasoning is because she is bigger. We are trying to teach her patience, but since she will usually run to be first her slower brother is second by default.

This weekend the game was 'jump off the rock'. The rock is decorative and about 1 foot high next to the pond. This was a highly supervised activity; 2 adults holding my daughter's hands and I was watching the festivities from 3 feet away. Well, the little brother didn't want to be left out of the fun. He struggled up on the rock too and he jumped off. This continued for about 7 turns. However, my daughter wasn't content to wait for Connor to climb up onto the rock. So she pushed by him to get onto the rock first. And he tumbled head first into the pond. With all the adults nearby he was drug out immediately. He had held his breath and did not have any scratches on him.

After a bit of holding, rocking, a quick shower, and change of clothes he was fine. Or so we thought. That night he had several nightmares and the next day ended up with a high fever. I don't know if the incidents are connected, but he is healthy now and back to his normal self.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

My Son, the Fisherman

When I told the story about the first time my son went fishing I expected it to go something like this:

My husband and son, 9 years old, left the house at 5 am with their packed lunches. They had a great time together out on the lake and came home with a tiny little prize. We took lots of pictures with my boy and his fish.

But that's not what happened.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Baby Earthquakes

I felt the shaking. My husband didn't since he was walking at the time. At first I thought the cat jumped on the couch. But I couldn't find the cat. Then I went to the local seismic websites to see when the latest earthquakes were.

So I spent 3 minutes finding the right site. Clicking on all the "recent" earthquakes to find the nearest one, a 2.0 nearly 2 hours away from us. Usually a 4.0 is even hard to feel.

I give up and close the site, thinking I imagined it. . . . . and there it is again!!!!! Another baby earthquake.

The baby must like strawberries. I hope the shaking settles down and I can get some sleep.

Child Gate not Child-Proof

Hands-Free Gate by The First Years - Product Review

We went to a friends house and noticed she had this nifty little gate for her daughter's bedroom. Since I am pregnant the idea of stepping over a gate is less appealing. But I needed to find something that would keep my daughter in her room while she was being punished and her younger brother out. He is capable of opening doors now, even with the baby-proof doorknobs. So keeping him out is quite a challenge. He loves her so much!