Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Snow Storm of Diapers

This happened a few weeks ago. On a Saturday. A lazy Saturday.

The kids were playing nicely and quietly in my son's bedroom. I was relieved. I'm pregnant and that meant I could lay on the couch and relax a bit longer, maybe catch a bit of last night's tv shows. They played for about 30 minutes; no fighting, lots of laughing, they were both getting along. Now, you veteran parents know what that means - TROUBLE!

I decided to peek inside to see what was going on. I quietly got up from the couch, crept to the door and peeked around the corner. When what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a blizzard of diaper from there to here. Yup! Diapers.

Recently the online diaper companies I frequent were having sales, both of them, if you order $100 of diapers. Well, diapers don't go bad so why not. I had 300 diapers in the house in two sizes (one for nighttime). I had carefully taken them out of the boxes, split the packages in half and stacked them on the shelves. This is how I have stored diapers since my daughter was born. Apparently this time my two adorable kids decided to take them ALL out of the packaging and scatter them around the room.

I could no longer see my children's feet. They were very literally ankle deep in diapers. Every part of the floor was covered. Then they filled up the crib - half-full - with diapers. When they were done scattering diapers they began to empty containers of wipes, four of them, one wipe at a time.

Now the amazing part of all of this is I didn't yell. I calmly and quietly walked to my husband and told him what happened. Then we both laughed. This was the first time they had worked together. We were proud of their creativity. We were also so very jealous of the fun they had had.

Now I am storing my diapers in brown paper bags. It takes up quite a bit more room this way. Oh, and we were never able to seperate out the bigger size. I just bought more and every once in a while I get a surprise size 6 from the paper bag.

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