Tuesday, May 16, 2006

No Pics for You!

I heard it when I got pregnant with my son, "you will never finish his baby book", "you will have no pictures of him", "its amazing how it isn't as exciting with your second".

Its true. I didn't make-up meanings to the coos and aaah he uttered. I just figured he was practicing using his vocal cords. I didn't worry when he didn't walk as early as my daughter, after all he was still in the normal range. And I don't think we have any pictures of him rolling over.

But in regards to pictures, it isn't because you care less. You are just too busy. I find it impossible to manage 2 toddlers, my purse, my pregnant belly, the diaper bag, AND a camera. The only way we get pictures is if a third party is present because they aren't busy child-wrangling. They can take a few snapshots. So, I don't find all those comments to be true. Instead I find myself busier and happier and much more relaxed. Hopefully I will have those memories, because I know I don't have any pictures!

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