Tuesday, May 16, 2006

My Mother's Day

I don't usually do diary-like entries on my blog. After all, that's what a diary is for. But I have decided to chronicle my Mother's Day this year. Mostly because of my preggo-brain. But because when June arrives and I begin to think about Father's Day I will be hormonal, uncomfortable, and pregnant. The following things will either be said or thought "you never appreciate me. I do so much for you. You couldn't even give me a decent Mother's Day."

So this blog is to protect my marriage and my sanity.

My husband always makes me nervous when he says, " don't worry, I am taking care of it." Because I am a control freak and I always worry. But this year I tried really hard not to worry. I *did* buy myself a back up gift, a box of chocolates, just in case he really forgot.

So, my dear husband set his alarm for 5:50 am, the time the kids normally wake up. And then he said, "if I go back to sleep remind me its Mother's Day." So I did. He got up when my son began to cry. The next thing I remember is the doorbell ringing at 8:00 am. I was SO confused. Who would be delivering something on a Sunday morning at 8 am? But my bladder woke me too so I got up.

The children has just gotten back from the park. They had walked to the park (6 blocks uphill), played for a few hours and walked back. Now they were leaving again. To where, I did not know? So I sat on the couch, had some toast and watched tv. Alone.

They got back about 30 minutes later with Krispy Creme donuts!!!!!!!!!!!! Breakfast. Incidentally I had also put an egg casserole in the oven too, so the kids could eat that.

We all had breakfast and then daddy took a nap. About an hour after that I put the kids down for early naps. They were exhausted!!!! All that walking. They slep for 3 1/2 hours!!!!!!! My husband said that's my real gift. So I went back to bed and napped.

In the afternoon we headed to my mother's house for bbq. It was great. The grandparents and my husband chased the kids around while I rested and drank a lot of water. There were no dishes, no cooking, no cleaning, it was merely fantastic. The kids easily went to bed that night at 8 pm. No fights, no tantrums, just a really fun day.

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