Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Best Day Ever

It could have been a REALLY bad day. We would be going to the dentist, then for Free Scoop at Ben & Jerry's, and I'm pregnant and tire easily. We would be traveling home during rush hour with sugar in the kids.

But it was fantastic! It could have been because I spent some money; new clothes for me and for Lainy Ann. I also splurged and bought some pink newborn outfits on sale - probably wishful thinking, but oh well. If not me, then I know 2 other friends who are pregnant right now. One of us is bound to have a girl. I also had 2 scoops of ice cream and had the kids share the other scoop.

But I think the real reason for my great day was because my daughter was so grown-up today. Lately she has been terrible. Nothing really specific just challenging our every request dozens of times during the day. In the last 2 weeks she has spent an entire morning in her room, had her Easter Basket taken away, couldn't play with grandma, and sent to bed without dinner twice. She has been so awful that we have questioned the decision to get pregnant with our current baby!

But today was glorious. We went to the dentist and she had her first tooth cleaning. I was so worried. I hadn't prepared her for this mentally. But she was a champ. She laid still with her mouth open while they used the electric tooth brush and saliva sucker - such noisy tools. Then she had a flouride treatment - foam on her teeth, with her mouth open, sucky thing inside for about 3 minutes total. She was terrific and no cavities!

So I took her for ice cream. It happened to be free scoop day and that's really the only time we go. There were 3 of us so we got three scoops. The kids shared a scoop. She scarfed it down and asked for some of mine. When I told her no she was content to wait for us to finish - no screaming or crying! Wow! We rode the train and did some other errands; new play sandals for her, maternity clothes for me. She helped carry packages and push the stroller. She carried the clothes and got my wallet out of my purse. I was so impressed and she was making things so easy on me. She was even patient while I tried on clothes - a first!

So I decided to let her get a treat. She needs bigger jammies and she really wants Disney nightgowns. I happen to have a gift card to the Disney store, so we went and took a look. She found a Cinderella nightgown she liked and decided she had to try it on. She went into the dressing room by HERSELF and took off her clothes and put on the nightgown (forgetting to close the curtain). She came out, showed me, looked in the mirror and went back to put her clothes on. I continued to browse. I checked on her and she had hung it back up on the hanger and redressed. When I asked where her barratt was she said "I put it in my pocket." Oh my! She took her purchase and gift card to the register. She got a Cinderella/Tinker Bell bag and carried all around the mall while we finished our shopping.

She went on and on about her new jammies and where she would put them when she got home. While I was trying on more clothes at another store she decided she had to potty and went by herself while I browsed. I am just so impressed. She helped get the clothes to the front and get my wallet again, all the while holding her bag.

We went to dinner and she sat patiently and ate her whole meal; no prompting, coaxing or threatening. She politely asked the waitress for more ice and reminded to thank her. When I was done paying for the food she actually said, "Thanks for dinner mommy."

I think she is possessed - by the Goodfairy or something. I am sitting her wracking my brain trying to figure out why she was SOOOOOOO wonderful, helpful, pleasant, enjoyable, and grown-up. Maybe she is just a girl who likes to shop. Perhaps she really does need to be independent and helping me all day gave her the control she needs. Maybe she is bored staying home and being out keeps her entertained enough to follow directions. I don't know. But I wish we could go to the mall for ice cream and shopping every day!

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