Friday, March 10, 2006

The Level II Ultrasound at 18 weeks

I was seriously procrastinating all the way there. I took a shower as late as possible, put the kids down for late naps, and was just dragging my feet. It all started when I was trying to decide what to take with me to do in the waiting room - that's when I remembered that last time I filled out my paperwork to join the local twins club.

Then the whole appt came flooding back. I wasn't sad or crying, just remembering. I knew there was nothing wrong with this one - I have felt kicking all day and my OB had already done 3 ultrasounds, the last one 2 weeks ago.

So I sat in the waiting room wondering "what if we had seen this peri instead of the jerky one we saw last time?". Then I realized it wouldn't have made a difference, there is no treatment and they still
would have died before viability.

He was very nice. I explained my history about the monoamniotic twins and how much we hated the last peri. He was very comforting and spent about 20 minutes looking and taking measurements. Everything is fine.

I expected myself to be elated or relieved or something. But I was kind of down. Now there is nothing to do, but wait until 40ish weeks. No action needs to be taken, no research done, no decisions to make. I have spent so much time thinking about "what would I do if . . . . " like with the twins and other conditions I have come across. But there is just nothing to do. It feels weird.

I still don't want to tell the extended family - well, mostly my husbands extended family. Some of them just aren't very supportive and I almost feel like they don't deserve to hear our news - it was so scary getting to this point that they won't really understand our relief. I will probably mail out a card next week though. Plans need to be made for the summer and it will be hard to make them if no one knows what is going on.

So its good news! And I am happy. There is nothing else to report. This pregnancy is entirely normal at this point. I do the gestational diabetes test in a few weeks, my AFP came back negative, and I have GBS (but I had that the last 3 times too). So we will just wait . . . . I guess I should feel lucky that I don't have anything to worry about. It just feels weird. I have been worrying about real and imagined things since June. Now what? I guess I should get happy and enjoy it. Hmmmm . . .

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