Monday, March 13, 2006

The Cable Guy

Well, actually it was DirecTV. And I am not bashing them. I am bashing the small company they sub-contract out to. We had no cable, we did everything. We restarted the system, adjusted the satellite, and stood on one foot and hopped around. Nothing worked. I called the company absolutely desperate. I had been missing cable sporatically (of course during primetime and the morning news) since Tuesday evening. I told them of our troubles and promised a guy would come out on Saturday between 8-12.

I was going to a friend's house, but canceled that. Instead we stayed home and looked out the window - since there was no cable. It drizzled off and on, and then it hailed REALLY bad. And, I forgot to mention, we live in Southern California - it never hails here. Noon came and went and there was still no cable.

My studly husband fixed it!!!! I don't know how, but we were able to watch Sunday television; his sports and my favorite ABC shows. Today, Monday, as I head to bed for naptime at 11:45 am, my phone rings. The conversation is below.

Me: Hello
CB (cable guy): Hi, its DirecTV, can I come now?
Me: Is it Saturday?
CB: It's Monday.
Me: You were supposed to come on Saturday, not on Monday.
CB: Oh, on Saturday?
Me: Yes, and today is Monday, not Saturday.
CB: Well, I could come now. Do you want me to come?
Me: No, I'm busy now. Goodbye.

Its bad enough that you have a 5-hour window, but then to call 2 days later and say you are coming. Sure, I understand there was inclement weather on Saturday, but a phone call on Saturday would have been nice.

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