Thursday, February 9, 2006

Her Chores

At nearly 3 years old my daughter has chores. It isn't something that my husband and I discussed. But as she became more capable and helpful it just naturally evolved into her helping out with the house. This is her list of chores.

Sets the table for breakfast
Clears her place after eating
Puts dirty clothes in the laundry basket
Folds laundry (preferably the kid's clothes)
Puts the kid's clothes away
Picks up toys
Dresses and undresses herself
Puts on her own shoes
Baths herself
Helps make lunch for daddy (getting things in and out of the fridge)

I am so impressed with how much she is able to help out around the house. Being a happy and good helper has been a lifesaver. It is definitely making my job more enjoyable. And with a new little one on the way I know she will be an even bigger help!

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