Monday, February 20, 2006

Egg Carton - toy or snack

When my daughter was younger I would give her the empty egg cartons for a few days as toys. She would use them to store things in, usually her people, and tote it around the house with her treasures inside. She would tire of the toy and I would throw it away. A week later she would have a new egg carton to play with.

Now that my son is at the same age I have been giving him the empty egg cartons to play with. I thought he would put the people inside or blocks or balls. I assumed it would be used the same way my daughter used it.

Later in the day my son came to me - chewing on something. The usual refrain began, "What's in your mouth? Open up." Out came a gray material. I was confused, that is until I walked into the kitchen and discovered that a huge chunk of the egg carton was missing.

Why is it that the little girl stores things in the egg carton, but the boy destroys it?

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