Friday, February 17, 2006

Blue Pizza

We just got back from our local Tony Roma's. I was hoping for a quiet dinner out to pump my pregnant body full of iron. But we took the kids along since it was a last minute plan and we didn't have a babysitter.

I took along sticker books and sippy cups. We went before the dinner rush hour to ensure prompt service. And we got it! The kids were busy coloring when their food arrived. After a bit of moving plates around, cutting and blowing on food, and sorting out silverware I noticed my sons pizza dough was blue. Bright blue - cartoon blue. I kind of shrugged it off because I hadn't really read the description. We were in such a hurry to order. And some places put food coloring in to make it more kid-friendly.

But the friendly waitress wandered by and asked how we were doing. So I asked about the blue dough. She was perplexed. She took the plate back to the kitchen. I got my son a second piece so he would stay occupied and promptly forgot about it again - I had my own food to tackle and not much extra time in which to eat.

She came back and asked us if the blue was crayon. It was! It was all coming back to us now. Like the fog from a dream had been lifted. I remembered taking away my sons blue crayon after he attempted to use it as a fork. The pizza was so hot that when a piece broke off it melted into the food.

We felt terrible. Of course we didn't want a replacement meal - this was our fault. We could just imagine the kitchen staff debating over the blue substance - poking it, dissecting it. We were mortified. And the management was so kind - "can we get you anything else?"

We had a great meal. The kids picked at all the food and my husband and I cleaned our plate - all in less than 45 minutes and just as the dinner rush set in. A great evening out despite the blue pizza.

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