Sunday, January 29, 2006

I Can Say . . .

My son is 16 months old now. He is trying so hard to talk. He does a pretty good job of following directions (when he wants too) and understands us pretty well. But the words he can say are:

Friday, January 27, 2006

Pregnant - AGAIN!

Its hard being pregnant this time around. It is number four for me. No, not my fourth child, but my fourth pregnancy - my 5th child. My twins are waiting for me in heaven.

I spent the first 12 weeks terrified. I would check for blood on the toilet paper each time I went to the bathroom. Any little twinge and I would prepare myself for the worse. As I headed to my 12 week appointment I told my husband my 'back-up' plan just in case we had lost this baby too.

Miscarriage - What to Expect?

This post is to give you a guideline as to what to expect at the various stages of pregnancy and miscarriage. I am not a doctor, but have done lots of research in addition to speaking to may women about their experiences. I hope this can help you.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

My Bizarro Twin

I was watching "Babies: Special Delivery" recently when they did a segment on a lady, named Leslie, who was giving birth to identical monoamniotic twin boys. Is she my bizarro twin? She was interviewed and I think she was reading my biography. She was 29 years old with an almost 2 year old pacifier loving daughter at home. Has she met my pacifier loving daughter?

It seems unfair when we have so much in common yet the one thing that keeps us apart is that her boys are alive and mine are not.

I Feel Lucky . . .

. . . that I lost my sons without spending weeks on hospital bedrest.

. . . that my children were so young that I didn't have to answer hard questions about death.

. . . that my doctor and the hospital staff were so supportive and caring.

. . . that I am able to have more children.

. . . that I am NOT high risk.

. . . that I get pregnant easily.

. . . that I knew the joy of being a multiple mother.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Twin Pregnancy

I am not a doctor. I have no medical training. I am not an expert. I have been 18 weeks pregnant with twins and I have read all the twin pregnancy books. I have also done the research and spoken to dozens of women about their twin pregnancies. Based on my experience, theirs, and the reading I have done I want to give women an idea as to what a twin pregnancy entails.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Wanting Twins

There are two types of ladies who want twins. The crazies and those who have lost their children.

Announcements after a Loss

If you don't want to leave out your angel when mentioning the birth of subsequent children. This is the best way I have seen so far.

Proud parents Erica and Mark Doe
Announcing the birth of our daughter Jane Doe
Sister to angel Jadyn Doe
Born December 25, 2005
8 pounds 3 ounces
21 inches long

Your Friend is Pregnant after a Miscarriage

I delivered my twins at 5 months in September 2005. I waited just a few weeks before getting pregnant again . I am now 11 weeks pregnant and mostly sad. There was no excitement when seeing that BFP. I wasn't elated, instead I was relieved. I was relieved I was finally doing something right and that I could prove to myself that I could do this 'baby-thing' right.

All I want for Christmas, . . . .

This year we are beginning to tell Lainy Ann the stories of Christmas. We have talked about Santa and leaving out cookies, we have talked about Mary having a baby, we have watched the Rudolph special on television, and she is learning the traditional carols in school. As we drive around the neighborhood she yells when she sees the lights and especially if she sees a blow-up Santa.

So I have asked her what she wants Santa to bring her on 2 seperate occasions. The first time she wanted an apple and the second time she wanted milk. No mention of commercialism; Dora, Cinderella, movies, stickers, anything. I would like to think this is because I do such a great job screening commercials and I don't spend too much time in the toy section at the store. But it is probably because her imagniation isn't that developed yet. I will enjoy this last Christmas where I can do all my shopping at the grocery store and start coming up for excuses as to why she can't have a puppy.