Friday, December 23, 2005

Our Tree is Dead

My husband was very kind to me this year. He let me buy our tree on December 4th. Yup, that's a full 3-weeks before Christmas Day. But I have been feeling sad this season and he knew the lights would cheer me up. So, Saturday he spent the day untangling lights and running extension cords while the two kids "helped" - Connor tasted the lights to make sure they weren't dusty and Lainy Ann played jump rope. It was great fun.

Sunday we headed to the YMCA tree lot and it was virtually empty. I thought is was because the sun had gone down, but I realize now it was because it was still very early in the season. The kids had a grand time running around the lot and Daddy picked out a nice tree.

We went home and decorated the whole house, retelling stories of ornaments from years past and giving the kids their ornaments for this year. Even Daddy got a 'table saw' ornament. We put garland around the house, played with the Christmas bears, looked at our Christmas books, and delicately put back Mommy's treasured nutcrackers. They won't be used this year. Two days later the kids got in their Christmas jammies and took our Christmas card picture in front of the tree. It was adorable and our best Christmas Card yet!

But today, two days before Christmas, our tree is pathetic. It is crunchy and droopy. Quite frankly it should have been taken down 3 days ago. I don't know if it will last until the 26th, we may take it down Christmas afternoon. It has become a fire hazard and I can't even have the lights on anymore. It has lost all of its good scent and the kids keep taking down ornaments, while Connor keeps tasting the lights. I have redecorated the tree numerous times, mostly taking ornaments from the kids and putting them on the top third. Yup, the tree is only decorated on the top 2-feet this year. There are needles all over the floor. I keep finding the Christmas bears in the bedrooms and our 'skirt' is pushed up far under the tree. I have given up. I have stopped watering it.

It certainly did cheer me up at the beginning of the month and our Christmas cards are adorable. But now it is slightly depressing. Next year we will wait until the 15th or maybe the 20th! Then I can keep it up past January 1st.

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