Wednesday, December 14, 2005

My Grief Resource Center

In the few months that I have lost my boys I have found myself reaching out to other mothers and sometimes fathers explaining to them the process of grief, how to get help, and good resources. Each time I send this information out I have to find it again. Instead, I am going to compile that information here so I can simply post this link into emails and message board posts to help those that are struggling through those first few days and weeks of painful grief.


Now I Lay me Down to Sleep Non-profit professional photography of your child

The Compassionate Friends
A live support group for parents who have lost children of any age.

The National Share Office

Also has a message board that will help with grieving, trying to conceive again, and pregnancy after a loss.

The Sibling Connection
Information for your living children.

Miscarriage and Loss
Empty Cradles

National Share Office

Pregnancy Loss

Grief Watch


Recommended Books

"When God Doesn't Make Sense" by James Dobson

"Empty Cradle Broken Heart: How to Survive the Death of your Baby" by Deborah L. Davis

"Pregnancy After a Loss"
by Carol Cirulli Lanham Amazon

"We Were Gonna Have a Baby, But We Had an Angel Instead"
by Pat Schwiebert
A picture book for siblings or anyone who needs to understand why.

"Chicken Soup for the Grieving Soul"

"Mommy Please Don't Cry, There are No Tears in Heaven"

"Big George" available used only at Amazon

"Tear Soup" by Pat Schweibert

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