Tuesday, November 15, 2005

When did it become a "twosome"?

I was worried about having a toddler and a newborn in our house. I would have two kids in diapers. I was worried about sleep, toilet training while caring for a baby, and about my little girl who was hanging on to bits of infancy; her pacifier and bottle.

We met all of those challenges head on and succeeded. My little girl is a proud panty wearing, dry all night toddler who even goes to preschool. My baby boy has become a toddler, chasing the cat, talking, squealing, and testing the limits.

But when did I realize all the joys of having two kids. Maybe it was when my daughter said that Connor was her best friend. Maybe it is after naptime each day when she says, "Hi, Connor." and follows it with a big hug.

But recently I discovered the dark side of two children - sharing and sibling rivalry. I didn't realize it would happen quite so soon, but they terrorize one another. Terrorism is not a problem abroad or bred by religious fanatics, but it is bred in the home between siblings!

She routinely blocks his way or takes a toy. He in turn will pull her hair while she is watching tv, not as self-defense. And during her naptime he knocks on her bedroom door. They wrestle on the floor, each one taking a turn pinning the other down. Inevitably the baby gets hurt.

I hear you are supposed to let them work out their own problems, but how young? He is only 14 months old, is that old enough to take care of oneself. Wait. Lainy Ann is yelling from the bedroom, "Mommy, Connor hit me! Waaaaaah!" Well, I guess he is old enough. The noise and fighting and love will continue beyond the teenage years, but I may become deaf to it all. Except in those rare moments when she gives him a hug and says, "I wub you".

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