Friday, November 25, 2005

The Perfect Gift

Christmas is coming and we start panicking about what to buy the kids, how much to spend, and when to wrap it all. There is so much to do at Christmas time - and I LOVE it all; the decorating, baking, cooking, shopping, wrapping, Christmas Cards, church, and family. But we are staying home this year and that is a little bittersweet, we should be hugely pregnant with babies due in a few weeks. But they have left us. That's probably why I am trying to get even more excited about Christmas this year.

My daughter is finally old enough to understand the myth behind the season. She recognizes Santa and can retell the story. She will be able to participate in the anticipation, putting out cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer. She will probably even sneak out in the middle of the night and start playing with toys! My son will be old enough to open gifts and eat the treats. He won't really get it, but he will enjoy being with our family, playing, and having a good time.

The real dilemma is the perfect gift. We are planning on a dress-up chest for my daughter. I think she will truly enjoy her high-heeled shoes, magic wand, tiarra, and fancy dresses. We got her a few books on CD and a new toothbrush. My son is the real problem. What do we buy a 16 month old. He has SO many toys, mostly hand-me downs. But I don't think he needs his own toys, espcially since our house is so small. So what do we get for a 16-month old boy?

My husband asked me, "What is his favorite toy? What does he do all day?" Honestly, he chases his sister, sits with her, torments and gets tormented by her. And then, when she is sleeping he walks over to her door and knocks on it or rests his head on it. But he isn't getting a sibling for Christmas and we already have a cat.

My husband is concerned with Connor pushing his sisters pink stroller, so he is voting for a shopping cart. Right now we have a few truck books (of his own) and a few hand-sized trucks (made by Tonka) and a Magna-Doodle (in blue). But that's it. No BIG gift. Nothing from Santa yet. Hmmmmm. We will keep thinking, but since we are hoping there will be another baby in the house in a year we still have to conserve space. Too bad my daughter will know if we rewrap one of her gifts.

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