Friday, November 25, 2005

My First Thanksgiving

There are many stories of the First Thanksgiving. The pilgrims came over on the Mayflower and made friends with the Indians. You remember your first Thanksgiving as a husband and wife or as a family with your first child. But this one was the most special. *I* made dinner.

For many reasons we decided to hide at home this year. But since I am due to test I wanted to stay busy. So I decided to make all of Thanksgiving dinner. It started Tuesday night with 3 pumpkin pies from scratch, crust and all. It is the kids great-grandmothers recipe and I spent the entire few hours baking thinking of her, her wonderful son (my father-in-law) up in heaven watching over my sons. I called her the next morning thanking her once again for the recipe.

Wednesday morning I took out my largest pot and realized it was too small for the turkey brine, so I used two pots and put began to dump in the strangest ingredients; apple juice, orange peel, black peppercorns, cloves. It looked like a grainy soup. It cooled several hours later and I had the pleasure of sticking my hand inside a turkey for the first time. Yuck! We washed it all off and after a little surgery, poking, proding, taping and tying the turkey was safe it its bath of brine for 18 hours.

Thursday morning became hectic as I readied the children for church and the turkey for the oven. We got it into a roasting bag and into the oven a few minutes before church, but by then only half of us were dressed. So my daughter and I went to church together.

We walked into the house and smelled the turkey. It was awesome. I was ready to eat. Not yet, 4 hours left. I just got progressively hungry all day. Nothing except turkey would satisfy me! Finally, it was time to check the turkey. It was perfect. I was so proud as that brown turkey came out of the oven. Beautiful, juicy, and flavorful. The last time I felt such pride was when I found out I was pregnant or that my son was "a boy!"

Dinner was fantastic and I enjoyed being home eating my favorite foods. Instead of at a relatives monitoring my children from hurting themselves or breaking something looking at the clock and waiting to drive through traffic. I think this may be our new family tradition. Turkey at home.

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